Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Little Betsy Ross

Haley had to do a project on a famous American for 2nd grade that was due last week.  They also had to dress up as their famous American and had a parade at the school.  She chose Betsy Ross.  She did such a good job on her project, I am so proud!

I was concerned that it might be a little difficult to pull together a decent costume for her in less than 2 weeks but it turned out to be pretty easy.  I found a dress at Target that worked when combined with some props - plus she likes it and said she will wear it to school and such, so bonus!  I am grateful that I have been sewing recently and felt fairly comfortable tackling an apron and bonnet for her cosutme.  I also made up an American flag for her to carry around.  I think it all turned out pretty good.  She looked so cute!

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