I'm Angie, wife to Rob, mom to Haley and Claire.  I'm a transplanted Oregonian, living in Texas for over 10 years now, but I'm a Northwesterner at heart and would love to move back some day.  I work full-time and when I'm home and have some free time I love to be crafty.  My first craft love is cross stitch, which I learned from my aunt when I was 12.  I've recently started sewing, something I haven't done much of since 6th grade Home Ec class.  I am determined to learn how to quilt and have many other crafty goals.  My hubby and I are very slowly fixing up our house in the DIY manner (hence the very slowly part, due to time and money).  My girls are a source of inspiration for me and one of the reasons I started this blog.  I am hoping to give some of that inspiration back to them through my posts and show them that they can do anything if they just try.

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