Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zipper Pouches and an iPad Cover

I have some more finishes!  I got a new purse a couple of weeks ago and in an attempt to keep it a bit more organized I decided I needed some zippered pouches.  These are pretty easy to make, the only tricky part is the orientation of the fabric when sewing on the zipper.  I've made several now, so I feel like I have these down pretty good.

Another project I have been wanting to sew up is a cover for the iPad I got for Christmas/my birthday.  I know I will want to take it with me out of the house, on trips, etc. and want it to be protected.  I used this tutorial from One Shabby Chick for a quilted cover.  The tutorial was very easy to follow and worked out perfectly.  I am pretty proud of my finished product and only messed up once while sewing it up.  I didn't read the instructions very carefully and sewed the velcro to the wrong side of the flap...oops!  And I didn't realize it until I already had the flap sewed in place.  It all worked out in the end, though.

My next projects will be some quilts.  I have 2 started and need to finish the one for my oldest daughter soon.  I plan to start at least one more very soon for a good friend and his wife who just had their first baby.  I hear that my cousin, who is graduating in June, may also want one for a graduation gift so that would be another.  Looks like I will be busy sewing for the next few months!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Little Betsy Ross

Haley had to do a project on a famous American for 2nd grade that was due last week.  They also had to dress up as their famous American and had a parade at the school.  She chose Betsy Ross.  She did such a good job on her project, I am so proud!

I was concerned that it might be a little difficult to pull together a decent costume for her in less than 2 weeks but it turned out to be pretty easy.  I found a dress at Target that worked when combined with some props - plus she likes it and said she will wear it to school and such, so bonus!  I am grateful that I have been sewing recently and felt fairly comfortable tackling an apron and bonnet for her cosutme.  I also made up an American flag for her to carry around.  I think it all turned out pretty good.  She looked so cute!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My First (Mini) Quilts!

I have been really busy lately with sewing projects.  I have found that sewing is very relaxing for me so I have been trying to spend a few nights a week working on different projects.  It helps that my youngest goes to bed early and my oldest likes to spend the time with me in the bedroom while I sew.

I recently finished my first quilting project, a couple of mini quilts from the January Fresh-Squeezed Sew Along at I Have to Say.  My intention was to follow along with the sew along but sick kids, work, and all those other not-so-fun parts of life took precedent so I wasn't able to finish until about a week ago.  I think they turned out pretty good for my first quilting attempt!

I definitely need to work on my binding skills (the corners gave me some trouble) but I am pretty proud for my first foray into quilting.

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My Cool Fabric Weights

Since I have started sewing a lot recently I decided I needed some fabric weights to make cutting easier.  I didn't really want to buy them and saw this idea from Piccoli Piselli for making some on Pinterest so I decided to give it a try.  My husband got me the washers, hex nuts, and adhesive for my birthday (per my request!) and I bought some ribbon and set to work.  They were really easy to make, just took some time for the adhesive to dry.  I stacked 2 of the washers together and glued them before wrapping them in the ribbon.  The hex nuts I just wrapped as they were.  Here they are.

I love them!  They work great and make cutting fabric much easier.